We run short and long term courses in wheel throwing throughout the academic year. All our courses are suitable for beginners and students with previous pottery experience. 

Eight week course

We run four terms across the school year: 

  • Term 1: 5 February—9 April 2018
  • Term 2: 14 May—9 July 2018
  • Term 3: (2018 dates TBC)
  • Term 4: (2018 dates TBC)

Students can choose between two different ability levels: beginners & advanced beginners. Please note that students must complete the beginners course before moving onto advanced beginners. If you have throwing experience but haven't competed the beginners course, please contact info@bsoc.com.au

Two day course

We run this program twice a year during school holidays: 

  • Term 1: 13 — 14 January 2018
  • Term 2: 28 — 29 July 2018

This intensive wheel throwing course is perfect for students who can't commit to a full eight weeks of study. You will learn how to make pottery over two days, covering the same content as a regular term—just much quicker.


Wheel throwing opens up many creative and artistic possibilities. Using only your hands, clay and a pottery wheel, throwing can be a meditative and captivating experience.

We believe a solid foundation is essential to throwing on the wheel. Learning to use a pottery wheel is a gradual process that needs both time and regular practice. This is why our course has been designed to build your confidence and experience week by week, deepening your new skills and understanding of ceramics as an art form.

You will learn about:

  • Clay preparation
  • Throwing on a pottery wheel
  • Different throwing styles & techniques
  • Ceramic design principles
  • Glazing & surface decoration
  • The firing process

Each class will include both individual instruction from your teacher, as well as studio time on your own pottery wheel. This will give you the space you need to learn, practice and develop your skills.

At the completion of the course you will have the core skills to start throwing your own cups, bowls and other vessels. 

All students participating in the course will have the opportunity to use the pottery wheels outside of class hours. Access to the studio is $15 per hour, and is fully inclusive of materials and equipment. Continuing students who have already completed a term with us will be given four hours of free studio time.

Please note: There will be a firing fee payable at the end of your course. The fee is $8 per kilo of finished work—approx. six small pieces weighs a kilo.