There are many resources out there for pottery students, ranging from books to blogs, even YouTube videos. Most of the time, excellent materials will be right on your doorstep—many of the best books we've collected over the years have come from local charity stores! Check out our recommendations below, and let us know if you have any great resources to share too.



There are lots of fantastic books on the market to help both aspiring and practising potters. We recommend:

  • Clay by Amber Creswell Bell
  • A Potter’s Book by Bernard Leach
  • The Pot Book by Edmund de Waal
  • Zen and the art of Pottery by Kenneth Beittel


Anyone can become a member of The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA), Australia's best resource for all things clay. Join and receive their journal, access to valuable resources, community forums, and a heads-up about workshops & events happening country-wide. 

Ceramics Arts Daily


An excellent resource for potters. Based in the US, the Ceramics Arts Network is a global community of artists. Their website features heaps of how to guides, & covers everything from glaze recipes to decoration tips, even art theory. Signup to receive free emails. 



We can learn so much by watching masters practice their craft. Videos are a valuable resource for students wanting to learn more about technique and style. Our favourite YouTube videos are: