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Our eight-week term course is for beginners and students with previous pottery experience. This brand new course began in July 2017 and will run across the school year:

Introduction to hand building will teach you how to make your own ceramic creations from scratch with detailed guidance and support from our experienced teacher Lauren Campbell of Sit Still Lauren. 

Hand building opens up many creative and artistic possibilities. Using only your hands, clay and a few simple tools, hand building can be both a rewarding and elemental experience.

We believe a solid foundation is essential to creating great hand built pottery. Learning to build with clay is a gradual process that needs both time and regular practice, which is why we have developed a step-by-step course to start your journey into clay. 

You will learn about:

  • Different clay bodies
  • Fundamentals of joining clay
  • Core hand building techniques
  • Clay design & development
  • Surface, decoration and glazing
  • Principles of firing

This course will be broken into two halves. During the first four weeks, you will receive instruction and practice on traditional hand building techniques of pinching, coiling and slab building. In the second half of the course, you will design your own ceramic project, developing and creating your own pieces with the help and support of your teacher. 

At the completion of the course you will have the core skills to make your own hand made creations, from functional dinnerware to sculptural ceramics. 

All students participating in the course will have the opportunity to use the studio outside of class hours. Access to the studio is $15 per hour fully inclusive of materials and equipment. 

Please note: There will be a firing fee payable at the end of your course. The fee is $8 per kilo of finished work—approx. six small pieces weighs a kilo.

Cancellation & Refund Policy. Please choose carefully. Due to our limited class sizes, once you have booked and paid we will only provide a refund if the course is unable to go ahead. If you are unable to attend you may transfer your booking to a friend at no extra charge (please inform us before the course starts). Alternatively, if there is a waiting list for your course and we can successfully offer your space to another student, we will hold your payment for another course or class for up to 12 months.